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Victoria BC British Columbia Parks

Just as the name suggests, Victoria as the City of Gardens contains many magnificent parks. Though these inner city parks are a joy to experience, just a short trip out of the city will allow you to experience some of the wilderness parks the area has to offer.

Wether it is hiking, biking, strolling or beach combing, there is a park somewhere close to Victoria BC that will suit your purpose. Below is just a selection of parks we recommend visiting.

Parks around Victoria British Columbia

Albert Head Lagoon Regional Park

This small lagoon serves as a wildlife sanctuary and refuge for a variety of birds.

Web site: Albert Head Lagoon Regional Park

Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park is located along the south shore of Victoria, British Columbia and the Juan de Fuca Strait. It has been a park belonging to the city of Victoria since 1882. A trust was then established for the 62-acre (24.8-hectare) site. Beacon Hill Park was originally called Meeacan (the Salish name for belly) by the First Nations people because from a distance, it looked like the belly of a large man lying on his back.

Web site: Beacon Hill Park

East Sooke Regional Park

West Coast wilderness awaits you at East Sooke Regional Park. Experience it as you hike along the windswept rocky coast, over dry hilltops, through dark rainforest to sheltered coves.

Web site: East Sooke Regional Park

Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park

The lake is used cooperatively by swimmers, windsurfers, sailors, water-skiers, fishers and rowers. Some park trails are designated multi-use, for hikers, cyclists and horse riders, while others are for hiking only.

Web site: Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park

Galloping Goose Regional Trail

This picturesque multi-use trail, formerly a railway line, moves through urban, rural and wilderness scenery on its 55-kilometre journey from Victoria to Sooke. You can cycle, stroll, run, or even ride a horse through the rural sections. Whether you're commuting to work, meandering on a weekend afternoon or pacing yourself from Sidney to Sooke, the trail is yours to enjoy and yours to protect.

Web site: Galloping Goose Regional Trail

Goldstream Provincial Park

Massive trees, majestic waterfalls, a meandering river that meets the sea, flowers, birds and fascinating fish are but a few of the attractions that draw people to Goldstream Provincial Park, a mere 16 km from downtown Victoria on southern Vancouver Island.

Web site: Goldstream Provincial Park

Island View Beach Regional Park

This park offers an expansive beach along the eastern shore of the Saanich Peninsula, and excellent birdwatching.

Web site: Island View Beach Regional Park

Juan De Fuca Provincial Park

Juan de Fuca Provincial Park on the west coast of southern Vancouver Island offers scenic beauty, spectacular hiking, marine and wildlife viewing and roaring surf in its course along the Pacific coastline of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. There are four main areas to the park: the China Beach Campground, the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, the China Beach day-use area and Botanical Beach.

Web site: Juan De Fuca Provincial Park

Juan De Fuca Provincial Park - China Beach

The fine sand beach is ideal for picnicking, sandcastle building, wading and relaxing. Pack a lunch and your drinking water.

Web site: China Beach

Juan De Fuca Provincial Park - Sombrio Beach

Visitors can explore or hike east or west along the beach, enjoy a picnic or try their hand at surfing in this world-class surfing area. Sombrio Beach is part of the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, so please respect trail hikers.

Web site: Sombrio Beach

Juan De Fuca Provincial Park - Parkinson Creek

This moderate section of trail takes hikers through regenerating logged areas and old growth forest fringe and along the beautiful rugged shoreline. Watch for marine mammals that frequent this area.

Web site: Parkinson Creek

Juan De Fuca Provincial Park - Botanical Beach

Botanical Beach affords visitors with access to uniquely rich tide pools and shoreline trails with fantastic geological features. The extensive variety of marine flora and fauna in this colourful intertidal zone includes red, purple and orange starfish and sea urchins, white gooseneck barnacles, blue mussels and green sea anemones and sea cucumbers. Coralline algae, periwinkles, chitons and sea stars can also be seen at Botanical Beach.

Web site: Botanical Beach

Lochside Regional Trail

This picturesque multi-use trail, formerly a railway line, stretches from Swartz Bay to Victoria, past beaches, farmland, and wetlands, down country lanes and beside suburban backyards. The trail has a more civilized personality than its more rural cousin, the Galloping Goose Regional Trail. While some parts of the Lochside Trail are off-road and others downright pastoral, in some places trail visitors must share paved or gravel public roads with motor vehicles and farm vehicles.

Web site: Lochside Regional Trail

Mill Hill Regional Park

Walk through cool woodland along the banks of Millstream Creek or climb to the summit (200 m) for spectacular views.

Web site: Mill Hill Regional Park

Mount Work Regional Park

Mount Work is one of the largest regional parks, and is the dominant hill on the horizon from many vantage points in Saanich, Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula. This popular recreation spot offers a variety of landscapes and activities.

Web site: Mount Work Regional Park

Roche Cove Regional Park

Hike along a cool creek at midday or paddle still waters in early morning light at this serene West Coast park.

Web site: Roche Cove Regional Park

Thetis Lake Regional Park

This regional conservation area was established as Canada's first nature sanctuary in 1958. The park offers outdoor activities in a natural setting.

Web site: Thetis Lake Regional Park

Witty's Lagoon Regional Park

Visit this oceanfront park and discover its charm.

Web site: Witty's Lagoon Regional Park